What is the Hearing Dashboard?

The CourtSolutions’ Hearing Dashboard gives you an easy-to-use visual interface that shows you every participant on the call and gives you valuable control and information.

Everyone can see who is speaking (or making noise) on the call. That person's card is highlighted in orange and is the recent speakers list on the left sidebar.

Participants can raise their hand to participate in the call rather than interrupting the proceeding. When their hand is up, their card is highlighted in blue and is listed on the left sidebar. A lawyer can always speak up as long as they are not on hold but most times raising a hand will suffice.

On the Hearing Dashboard, the Judge can mute or unmute anyone with a single touch of the mute/unmute icon on a participant's card. On the top bar, the Judge can mute all participants with a single touch.

The Judge can also put some or all participants on hold and securely sidebar with any participant.


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