How does this reduce the burden on my Chambers?

Chambers will no longer have to manage calls requesting permission to participate in a hearing. Written requests will arrive by email at the email address designated by you.

Respond to them when it is convenient for you. Simply click “Approve” or “Deny” on on the link in the email or make bulk decision on your homepage. Your response is emailed automatically by us to the requestor.

It takes less than 60 seconds for the Court to open the telephonic courtroom. No more waiting around for inattentive operators. Dial in and your registered participants are joined to the call. You will always know who is on the line and whom you are waiting for.

The best part is that during the hearing you don't have to hope the operator is paying attention and monitoring your call. If a participant is disruptive, with one click you can mute an individual participant or all participants. No more disrupting the hearing while you call out for an operator to join the line to solve the problem. Look at the visual interface and you will see who is making the noise. With one-click, you can mute or disconnect the noisy participant.

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