I'm having a problem with a call

If you are having trouble dialing in, please hangup and try again. If the system is not recognizing the touchtone sounds from your phone, which occasionally happens with VOIP phones, please try again from a different phone. 

If you join a call and hear hold music, that means that the court has not started the hearing. Please wait. If you are unsure about the status of your hearing, please contact chambers directly. We do not have access to chamber's calendar.

If you join a call and you see the Hearing Dashboard on your screen but do not hear anything, including hold music, you are in the right place. It just means that the court has dialed in and opened the line but has placed the call on hold. If you are in doubt, you can speak up on the line or contact chambers.

If you are on a call and you are having trouble hearing speakers, let the Judge know. At times, lawyers in the courtroom do not speak into the microphones. If you contact us, we will alert chambers. For the fastest response, you should immediately alert the Judge, who can instruct speakers to speak into the microphone.

At any time, you can email us at or click "Submit a request" above and let us know what's going on. Our support team will be there to provide you with assistance.

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